Monday, May 4, 2009


In the beginning my experience with making this book was a rough, but towards the end proved to be valuable.Throughout the year I felt sort of scattered and lost, holding onto a solid concept. The more I sat around and thought and stretched for ideas the more I got the impression that I should NOT have the book be anything but a fluid stream of my own experiences over the year. Before this realization, I felt trapped within different aesthetics, i didn't know where to go in terms of color or overall look. It was more a mash up of randomness and frustration. It was also pretty difficult at the end of our four years at Ringling to dig within myself and pull out imagery and content that meant something and said something about me as a person and designer.
However, the more I fought letting go, the less content I had. It was only when I stopped really CARING about the profound meaning of things and just let my concept of the parallel between humans and nature BE that I found my images, phrases and colors. Everything then sort of started to fall into place. My whole look and feel of my book started to come together and I ended up with a piece that I am very proud of. It was a stressful and frustrating experience at first but in the end became liberating.

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  1. could you write a summary paragraph about the book and what kinds of discoveries you made?